Orchiday – Paysages sonores

Paysages Sonores by Orchiday, is a weird trip around the ambient sound given by the biorhythm of outdoor plants, that have captors on their leaves. Around the Bask Country in France, the recording of sound of vegetation was translated into ambient sounds, thanks to a special sound design created in Ableton Live software. From relaxing moods to terrific feelings, each piece of sound is close to two minutes. The first six chapters of sounds were localized at Domaine Abbadia in Hendaye, and the six others were harvested at Maubec Street in Baiona, so, the entire LP is like a collection of “flora ambient sounds”.
This is a global project, that mixes sounds of plants, shapes of plants translated into shapes using parametric software, videos, and fanzines.
The links of the two projects can be discovered here : 

Elastic colors – Ambient symphonies for neon lightsElastic colors –

Elastic Colors is a project created by the mind of Emiliano Ruggiero. It is the project that wants to recreate the Cyberpunk culture in music, (in particular that from the roots “implanted” by William Gibson). Inspired in particular by the soundtracks of movies and anime from the 80s, “Ambient symphonies for neon lights” is the third album that enriches the discography of Elastic Colors on this very topic. Full of rarefied atmospheres and accompanied by a constant tape noise as if frozen in a VHS for decades, it is finally ready to be released on I Low You records.

The album on Bandcamp comes with a digital book inspired by the music of the project. Here some examples

Ninja from the future – Camouflage

3rd experimental album for Ninja from the future. This album was conceived and released producing 1 new track every day.

Andrea Castiglioni – Self industries

Andrea Castiglioni, says: Self Industries is the achievement of my creative process through a journey made of sensations and emotions, thoughtful choices and intuitions suggested by sound.

Abandoned bokeh – Aetherealism

“Aetherealism is the pure ambient album you were looking for.
Let the music of “Abandoned bokeh” guide you through uninhabited lands, wet with the morning dew and filled with the smell of grass.
9 tracks of melancholic nostalgia.”
: of or relating to the regions beyond the earth
: lacking material substance : IMMATERIAL, INTANGIBLE
: marked by unusual delicacy or refinement
this smallest, most aethereal, and daintiest of birds
—William Beebe
: suggesting the heavens or heaven
: relating to, containing, or resembling a chemical ether

Ninja from the future – Code name: Golden butterfly

Second experimental album for Ninja from the future. This album was conceived and released producing 1 new track every day. A race against time…. but Ninja comes from the future, he knows about time.

Mountain hands – Keihin Tohoku Loops

Who had visited Japan, knows that every train station has its own melody to announce the train departure. Mountain hands collected all these melodies and worked with them to have an amazing piece of work. Ambient, vaporwave, loopwave, all together in this incredible album.
After sampling the Yamanote Line’s melodies, now is the turn of the Keihin Tohoku, one of the most important train line in the Kanto area.

NIS – Nearly Inaudible Shapes

Few words from the artist:
The sounds contained on the album are very organic, 70-80% of them were recorded on various microphones. They are actually “samples of reality” created from the sounds of nature, home, people, animals, machines. The remaining sounds come from virtual instruments (VSTI) and traditional instruments (acoustic or electronic), although often their sound was produced in a different way than it is suggested by the practice of playing.
The basic layers are recordings (ambience) of the place, created in the philosophy of field recording.
The whole album is based on activities from this area and treatments related to sound design.

NIS is a project by Szymon Nożyński.

Sonambient – Seral

The end of a dystopian nightmare is a landscape where the absence of the mankind is highlighted by the ruins, quietly devoured by the Nature.
Roe deers now walk free in deserted squares, the northern seas crystallized in frazils.
There was once a primitive society of a few individuals capable of capturing the energy of lightning to store it in machines which the fundamentals nobody knows, and so distant in the future nobody will see.
These machines and everything the wisdom of this lost society produced was built to last, like the ancient stone temples or diamond star polyhedra. Sometimes, for unknown reasons they glitch, producing a spasm in the system: turning on street lamps in deserted cities and playing music in empty houses, through the indifference of the trees.

Sonambient is the moniker of the Italian producer Andrea Buzzi since 2012. His sound is a blend of bass music, dub delays and ambient noises.

Demetrio Cecchitelli – Chances

Demetrio Cecchitelli (b. 1997) is a musician, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, composer and research artist.

With “Chances” the composer wants to investigate the intimate part of drone-music and the post guitar-oriented creative process. Huge reverberated sounds enter a massive emotive space, with the domain of long wide chords and suspensive harmonies, the feeling is that of being within a bubble that gently moves and oscillates into undefined places. In other words, a will to go beyond.

Elastic Colors – Ambient symphonies from the sprawl

In this second album by Elastic Colors, the journey through the cyberpunk and the 80s sounds, continues.
Rich of influences by anime, sci-fi movies, B movies, video games, this album wants to be especially an homage to William Gibson and his works.
The fans of the sprawl will love the atmosphere.

Emiliano Ruggiero – Tokyo in 5 chapters

TOKYO in 5 chapters is the soundtrack of the short experimental movie “TOKYO in 5 chapters of 5 minutes each”, directed by Emiliano Ruggiero, whom produced the music too.

The movie is part of the audio/visual project by Radio Raheem and Kiosk radio: 25 A/V

Emiliano Ruggiero is an Italian film maker and musician based in Tokyo. Founder of the I Low You records, he believes in a vision of the music as art form. He’s also the man behind Earthquake Island, White living room and notorious projects on this land such as “the Summer family”, Elastic colors and Ninja from the future. However, for this project, more personal and intimate he decided to sign it with his given name.

Here the whole 25 minutes video

Tape Sounds – Eureka

Eureka is an audio-visual project about nature’s dreams and nightmares. The record swims through vignettes of seasons and hidden, hermetic places. The project was inspired by puddles and weeds.

Each track is composed of old tape loops, heavily reprocessed with the Blooper Pedal, and 16 of which are accompanied by a visual component directed by Martina Corá, madeByhujo aka Sun Glitters and Emiliano Ruggiero.
The video in HD is available here: youtu.be/Qg1WNHoNeAQ

human language – A Club Called Genius

human language is the experimental electronic outlet for Dustin Zozaya. Born in El Paso, Texas and living in Sweden, he cut his musical teeth in Austin during a decade of intense writing, recording, and touring with the psychedelic band Holy Wave.

The search for the balance between a contemplative ideal and active pragmatism is the definition of human language: sometimes ambient, sometimes noisy, the project shifts between structured beats and a barrage of samples and sounds. Through Human Language, Zozaya
explores how humanity, being singularly physical and spiritual, expresses this reality by using and breaking grammatical and musical structures.

Ninja from the future – Gaa Dune

This special album was conceived by Ninja from the future, producing 1 track a day for the whole month of June. A true time challenge… and Ninja knows about time since he comes from the future.
A pure Lo-fi album with a very and unique fascinating mood

Kenda Sky – Muse EP

Raised In Naples, world citizen Art and Music omnivorous. Kenda Sky is inspired by Hellenic culture, with myths and legends that still teach us how to live today.
Look to the past to see the future.

Andrea Castiglioni – For a language to come

With “For a language to come”, Andrea Castiglioni wanted to make an homage to the works of 2 extraordinary visual storytellers: Daido Moriyama and Takuma Nakahira.
It is an urban album, a game of lights and shadows, where the electronic music has the control. There are contemplative moments and others more lively. I imagined being next to Daido, looking for the perfect shot, blending with the crowd, wandering through the city center to get to the suburbs. We both feel the need to put our vibrations and our pulsations in contact with those of the city, so we observe the people with their desires, excesses, their fears… we travel in a sort of constant empathy for everything it’s alive.

The album comes with a video that aims to celebrate the 2 Japanese visual storytellers.

Antoine Prost

Antoine Prost is an electronic composer and sound designer.
By mixing the synthetic textures of modular synths with natural sounds of instruments like the piano or the guitar, he tries to reveal his inner landscapes.

Also, don’t miss the video of the single Balloons

Mountain Hands – Yamanote loops

Who had visited Japan, knows that every train station has its own melody to announce the train departure. Mountain hands collected all these melodies and worked with them to have an amazing piece of work. Ambient, vaporwave, loopwave, all together in this incredible album.