Andrea Castiglioni – For a language to come

With “For a language to come”, Andrea Castiglioni wanted to make an homage to the works of 2 extraordinary visual storytellers: Daido Moriyama and Takuma Nakahira.
It is an urban album, a game of lights and shadows, where the electronic music has the control. There are contemplative moments and others more lively. I imagined being next to Daido, looking for the perfect shot, blending with the crowd, wandering through the city center to get to the suburbs. We both feel the need to put our vibrations and our pulsations in contact with those of the city, so we observe the people with their desires, excesses, their fears… we travel in a sort of constant empathy for everything it’s alive.

The album comes with a video that aims to celebrate the 2 Japanese visual storytellers.