Andrea Castiglioni – Soundtrack for the city of Tokyo

“I’ve never been to Tokyo, but since dreaming is free, I picture it like this.”
For this album I set out to make music able to bring the listener to the streets of a big metropolis, make them feel that blend of emotions that only come when you walk in a unknown place: agitation, fear… but also a sense of safety and hope. I imagined music heavy like a skyscraper but at the same time light like the neon in Tokyo that works at night but fades with the daylight. Music that is hyper-technical, but also natural. Tokyo seems to be the perfect picture of these moods.
Being a lover of soundtracks, this album has been strongly influenced by “Lost in Translation” by Sofia Coppola, one of my favorite movies. The atmosphere from the movie suggested which direction I should take for the album, the images and sounds constantly inspired me.