Orchiday – Paysages sonores

Paysages Sonores by Orchiday, is a weird trip around the ambient sound given by the biorhythm of outdoor plants, that have captors on their leaves. Around the Bask Country in France, the recording of sound of vegetation was translated into ambient sounds, thanks to a special sound design created in Ableton Live software. From relaxing moods to terrific feelings, each piece of sound is close to two minutes. The first six chapters of sounds were localized at Domaine Abbadia in Hendaye, and the six others were harvested at Maubec Street in Baiona, so, the entire LP is like a collection of “flora ambient sounds”.
This is a global project, that mixes sounds of plants, shapes of plants translated into shapes using parametric software, videos, and fanzines.
The links of the two projects can be discovered here :