Mickaël Halley – You’re searching for nothing

« You’re Searching For Nothing » is a 7 tracks album by Mickael Halley. Every tracks are based on one different field recording that was made this year. They all represent a concrete moment or space that are codify and transform into note thanks to modular synthesizer. The result is 7 analog ambient/drone soundscapes, all made of multiple abstract layer.

Plus / Video / Art /…

Andrea Castiglioni – Videoludic

It would take at least 4 other albums to give back what the world of video games has managed to teach me on a musical level and beyond. However, this seems like a good start.
From an early age I was fascinated by the ability of video games to arouse emotions, to put yourself in a completely new world and at the same time, to be able to face important topics. Music was the component I preferred the most, to the point that I played the same levels several times just to listen to a certain song. Even today when I hear some of my favorite soundtracks I realize how great the influence they have on me. All this increase my admiration for the composers and the entire development teams who dedicate body and soul to these small technological jewels.
 You can consider this album as a sort of collection, the inspirations have had different sources, but I want to mention at least a few:
Mirror’s Edge, Deus ex Human Revolution, Beyond Good e Evil, Just Cause, Wipeout3, Oddworld, Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, Crash, Shenmue, The Neverhood, Dethkarz, Tomb Raider IV The Last Revelation, Ignition, Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy, Prey… better than I stop here, there would still be too many !!!

Are video games art? Of course they are, they are one of the most complete forms of art that exist.

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Elastic Colors (aka Electronic colors) – Ambient Symphonies in the Cyberpunk Era

From the mind behind Grant Summer, Olivia Summer and Dave Summer, a 14 tracks album about future and past. A journey on a flying VHS in dreamy sounds and neon landscapes, celebrating the Cyberpunk culture of the 80s. Inspired to cinema masterpieces such as Akira, Blade runner, Ghost in the shell and yet true artists like Carpenter, Tsukamoto or Joe Hisaishi, this album will bring you in a new land unexplored by the ambient music.

The whole album has been recorded on a VHS cassette tape, then transferred on an audio tape and finally mastered on the computer again. This to have the typical vintage sound and noise of the 80s… the great magic we like.

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C:/Video/City rider

Andrea Castiglioni – Soundtrack for the city of Tokyo

“I’ve never been to Tokyo, but since dreaming is free, I picture it like this.”
For this album I set out to make music able to bring the listener to the streets of a big metropolis, make them feel that blend of emotions that only come when you walk in a unknown place: agitation, fear… but also a sense of safety and hope. I imagined music heavy like a skyscraper but at the same time light like the neon in Tokyo that works at night but fades with the daylight. Music that is hyper-technical, but also natural. Tokyo seems to be the perfect picture of these moods.
Being a lover of soundtracks, this album has been strongly influenced by “Lost in Translation” by Sofia Coppola, one of my favorite movies. The atmosphere from the movie suggested which direction I should take for the album, the images and sounds constantly inspired me.

jade383 – Mel Jade

Exhilarating melodies with transient showers, birds, children who immerse us in an impromptu sound.
This fragment is revived by sounds forgotten or neglected by the noisy flows of the moment.
A poetic pause in this ‘Over data’ that tends to erase silences.

L. Boy Jr. – Aether & Nostalgia

Handyman of sound loops, L.Boy jr. is an artist based in Nantes (France).
He’s passionate about finding dusty vinyl records and various sound materials. He cuts their sounds, sticks together and transforms them in order to create weird and messy worlds.
For this latest project, he was inspired by David Toop’s book “Ocean of sounds”. He worked with samples of popular 20th century music, reverberation and effects. The result is a floating music imagined like in the people’s subconscious.

Ben Zucker – Sun-chewer

Ben makes noises in Chicago. He has been sleeping on these ones for some time. Or rather, they have been sleeping. A Microkorg, gradually gaining awareness of coming catastrophe, sighed in its bones and rattles crackled out with the long sweep of coronal flares. Like its cosmic older sibling, they aspire to create disruptions in fields, growing until its desire to consume and ripple and distort and overwhelm is no longer a negation but a dense affirmation too thick and unstratified to be contained in life as we know it, so that the digital air catches fire.

This album comes along with a video available on:


Dave Summer – Flat issue

Dave Summer is the new member from the Summer family

The flatness problem is a cosmological fine-tuning problem within the Big Bang model of the universe. Such problems arise from the observation that some of the initial conditions of the universe appear to be fine-tuned to very ‘special’ values, and that small deviations from these values would have extreme effects on the appearance of the universe at the current time.


Yuyake Vol.1 – AAVV

Yuyake is the first collective experiment from I Low You records. A compilation made by music lovers for music lovers.
The concept behind the collection is simple yet straight and wide at the same time and, no need to say, no boundaries are given: an empty canvas filled with extremely spontaneous sounds provided by nothing but immediate striking inspiration, wether being it ethereal, dark or either weird, distorted noises.

The ensemble of projects includes well known internet presences, such as Russia’s Hybrid Palms and XYR, Massachussets’ Tape Sounds, California’s Vaporwave pioneer Infinite Frequencies and Oregon’s Eightyface; contributions from italian fine tunes experimentalists Bienoise and Oltrefuturo, as well focused sound art side projects of underground musicians Stèv and Earthquake Island (presenting themselves respectively as 20HoursAfterDawn and White Living Room). Tracklist features, of course, already signed label artists too: Summers, Surfing Charlotte and Time Time Machine Machine, just to name a few.
Also, this compilation comes along with a full length video available on:

The compilation is also the first physical release from the label. Available on limited 50 copy cassette tape


Edward Sabine – Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions

“Imaginary and musical interpretation of the radio signals that rebounds on the ionosphere in order to reach to its receptors, and how it fall as a music-message over the earth crust”

Note from the artist:

Special thanks to “I Low U records” to pay attention to my music and dedicated to Marcos who born at the same time of this LP.


Olivia Summer – Landings

Second album for Olivia Summer

+ Flight route display + clickable enroute weather stations
+ current weather, color coded elevation, airspace boundaries
+ airport diagrams + area maps (rivers, roads, state lines)
+ worldwide distance calculator
+ airport search by coords Tokyo


Machine is your friend – Sssaaadddeee

It’s the music sedated freaks listen to on the neo-dance floor. It’s the jams your funky smartphone mediates to when it’s running low on power and is cool with it. It’s a word that can’t be shouted, only coolly whispered. Vaporwave isn’t vaporware, it’s real. Sssaaadddeee is real.

Machine is your friend. You think it brings you pleasure and purpose — connects you, nourishes you — giving you exactly what you need when you need it. You think it’s your gateway to the world — to community and acceptance, to creativity and ideas, to the buzz of now. You think it offers more than what this moment can give you, more than what’s in front of you, more than the thoughts that compose you. You think that the stream will satisfy you, that the browser will enlighten you, that this app will complete you, that those likes will fill you.