Ben Zucker – Sun-chewer

Ben makes noises in Chicago. He has been sleeping on these ones for some time. Or rather, they have been sleeping. A Microkorg, gradually gaining awareness of coming catastrophe, sighed in its bones and rattles crackled out with the long sweep of coronal flares. Like its cosmic older sibling, they aspire to create disruptions in fields, growing until its desire to consume and ripple and distort and overwhelm is no longer a negation but a dense affirmation too thick and unstratified to be contained in life as we know it, so that the digital air catches fire.

This album comes along with a video available on:


Dave Summer – Flat issue

Dave Summer is the new member from the Summer family

The flatness problem is a cosmological fine-tuning problem within the Big Bang model of the universe. Such problems arise from the observation that some of the initial conditions of the universe appear to be fine-tuned to very ‘special’ values, and that small deviations from these values would have extreme effects on the appearance of the universe at the current time.


Yuyake Vol.1 – AAVV

Yuyake is the first collective experiment from I Low You records. A compilation made by music lovers for music lovers.
The concept behind the collection is simple yet straight and wide at the same time and, no need to say, no boundaries are given: an empty canvas filled with extremely spontaneous sounds provided by nothing but immediate striking inspiration, wether being it ethereal, dark or either weird, distorted noises.

The ensemble of projects includes well known internet presences, such as Russia’s Hybrid Palms and XYR, Massachussets’ Tape Sounds, California’s Vaporwave pioneer Infinite Frequencies and Oregon’s Eightyface; contributions from italian fine tunes experimentalists Bienoise and Oltrefuturo, as well focused sound art side projects of underground musicians Stèv and Earthquake Island (presenting themselves respectively as 20HoursAfterDawn and White Living Room). Tracklist features, of course, already signed label artists too: Summers, Surfing Charlotte and Time Time Machine Machine, just to name a few.
Also, this compilation comes along with a full length video available on:

The compilation is also the first physical release from the label. Available on limited 50 copy cassette tape


Edward Sabine – Spontaneous otoacoustic emissions

“Imaginary and musical interpretation of the radio signals that rebounds on the ionosphere in order to reach to its receptors, and how it fall as a music-message over the earth crust”

Note from the artist:

Special thanks to “I Low U records” to pay attention to my music and dedicated to Marcos who born at the same time of this LP.


Olivia Summer – Landings

Second album for Olivia Summer

+ Flight route display + clickable enroute weather stations
+ current weather, color coded elevation, airspace boundaries
+ airport diagrams + area maps (rivers, roads, state lines)
+ worldwide distance calculator
+ airport search by coords Tokyo


Machine is your friend – Sssaaadddeee

It’s the music sedated freaks listen to on the neo-dance floor. It’s the jams your funky smartphone mediates to when it’s running low on power and is cool with it. It’s a word that can’t be shouted, only coolly whispered. Vaporwave isn’t vaporware, it’s real. Sssaaadddeee is real.

Machine is your friend. You think it brings you pleasure and purpose — connects you, nourishes you — giving you exactly what you need when you need it. You think it’s your gateway to the world — to community and acceptance, to creativity and ideas, to the buzz of now. You think it offers more than what this moment can give you, more than what’s in front of you, more than the thoughts that compose you. You think that the stream will satisfy you, that the browser will enlighten you, that this app will complete you, that those likes will fill you.


Oltrefuturo – Marshall McLuhan

Oltrefuturo is the new solo project of the italian producer Valerio Ebert.
His debut album, “Marshall McLuhan” is completely inspired by the famous theory about the influence of mass media in the society. McLuhan is better known for coining the expressions “The medium is the message” and for predicting the World Wide Web almost thirty years before it was invented.
Oltrefuturo is a melancholic noise/industrial with a lot of ambient influences. An uncertain time dimension, in wich the past and the future converge in a melancholic present.



Grant Summer – Rotation

Second album for Grant Summer
Types of rotation include:

Task rotation, which usually takes place in jobs that involve a high degree of physical demands on the body, or a high degree of repetitive tasks that can become extremely tedious.

Position rotation is the process of laterally moving an employee to different positions, departments or geographical locations for the purposes of professionally developing the employee by exposing them to new knowledge, skills and perspectives.


Time Time Machine Machine – After weed music

After weed music is a dreamy album made out of random loops from the huge sound library of Time Time Machine Machine.
As the title suggests, listen it in relaxing times


Olivia Summer – Simply

“Simply” is the second album from the “Summer’s project” by E. Summer.
After the success of the first album “Music made out of music” E. Summer is back with more classic ambient tracks. “Simply” puts plenty of focus on both together highlights tone and atmosphere but it is more strictly concerned with structure and technique compared with “Music made out of music”.
Abstract is one of the key of this album. More specifically, it’s abstract expressionism like color and shape on a paint, here fill sounds and textures.

Something particular about the cover. Every track has a different cover but all related with the main album’s one.


Grant Summer – Music made out of music

Grant Summer is the first artist behind the “Summer’s project”. Further info about it soon on these pages

From synthesized patterns melting into intense pads, ethereal dub lines blending with glitch, gentle electronica and a certain neo-classical aesthetics, “Music made out of music” paints new grounds and plays with textures to achieve a soothing and swirling dive in experience for the listener.

This album is based to a video installation at the Tokyo forum of modern art shown on April 1st 2016.
Here the video