Sonambient – Seral

The end of a dystopian nightmare is a landscape where the absence of the mankind is highlighted by the ruins, quietly devoured by the Nature.
Roe deers now walk free in deserted squares, the northern seas crystallized in frazils.
There was once a primitive society of a few individuals capable of capturing the energy of lightning to store it in machines which the fundamentals nobody knows, and so distant in the future nobody will see.
These machines and everything the wisdom of this lost society produced was built to last, like the ancient stone temples or diamond star polyhedra. Sometimes, for unknown reasons they glitch, producing a spasm in the system: turning on street lamps in deserted cities and playing music in empty houses, through the indifference of the trees.

Sonambient is the moniker of the Italian producer Andrea Buzzi since 2012. His sound is a blend of bass music, dub delays and ambient noises.